Become A Massage Therapist In 22 Months

Are you…

  • Interested in helping people with physical issues?
  • Interested in providing natural pain relief to clients?
  • Interested in improving people’s well-being?

If  you’re looking for a career path that enhances lives and is jam-packed  with rewards — along with a nice paycheck — you owe it to yourself to  explore a fulfilling future as a Massage Therapist. 

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Massage Therapists Are Needed In London!

Massage Therapists are Essential

Massage  Therapists help people with a variety of issues, such as physical  injuries, stress and muscle pain, and are dedicated to maintaining  health and well-being for people everywhere.

The  concentrated Registered Massage Therapy program at Westervelt College  brings the real life massage therapy practice into the classroom.

Practical, Hands-On Education

At  the core of Westervelt’s program is a highly relevant, educational  foundation delivered in-class by registered Massage Therapists, combined  with the practical expertise gained in our fully equipped Massage  Therapy Lab. From there, the Clinical/Outreach component of the program  provides the valuable experience you need to get started.

It’s intense. It’s focused. And, it will get you into the field working sooner.

You’ll  be recognized, respected and well prepared to maintain the health and  well-being of your clients. Best of all, our program has you trained and  career-ready in only 22 months!

There  is a shortage of registered Massage Therapists in Ontario. With this  great demand for your expertise, now is the perfect time to start your  training for this rewarding career.

Simply  fill out the form above or call 855.919.2426 and instantly receive the  information you need to start on your exciting new career!

Southwestern Ontario Employers Who Hire Westervelt Graduates


After receiving my training at Westervelt, I turned my focus to my career search. Within two weeks of graduating I received numerous calls from employers in London. At one point, there were two companies competing with job offers for me!

Melissa W.