Earn Your Police Foundations Diploma In 12 Months

Are you…

  • Interested in making a positive difference in people’s lives?
  • Interested in protecting those most vulnerable?
  • Interested in improving community safety?

If  you’re looking for a career path that helps people and is jam-packed  with rewards — along with a nice paycheck — you owe it to yourself to  explore a fulfilling future in law enforcement with Westervelt’s Police  Foundations program.

Westervelt  College’s Police Foundations program provides you the skills Windsor’s  recruiters look for. Simply fill out the form to take your first step on this new path!

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Lay The Foundation For Success

With  Westervelt’s Police Foundations program, we will provide you with the foundation you need to successfully pursue a career in law enforcement.  With our police training, taught by active and recently retired police officers, you’ll be fully prepared for the Constable Selection Process you’ll encounter when applying to police services. Our experienced  Police Foundations instructors know what it takes to gain employment in municipal, provincial and federal police services, and they will ensure that you will be equipped with the knowledge and training that will put you ahead of the crowd.

Practical Comprehensive Training

Recruiters desire Westervelt’s comprehensive style of training where you’ll wear a  uniform and adhere to the daily regimen and discipline required of a  police officer. Our rigorous practical training will ensure that you will become fully versed in Criminal and Civil Law, Criminology,  Principles of Evidence and more.

It’s intense. It’s focused. And it will get you into the field of law enforcement sooner.

Best of all, our program has you trained and ready for the Constable Selection Process in only 12 months!

There is a shortage of law enforcement officers in Ontario. With this great demand for your expertise, now is the perfect time to start your training for this rewarding career.

Simply fill out the form above, or call 855.919.2426 and instantly receive the information you need to start in your exciting new career!

Southwestern Ontario Employers Who Hire Westervelt Graduates


After receiving my training at Westervelt, I turned my focus to my career search. Within two weeks of graduating I received numerous calls from employers in London. At one point, there were two companies competing with job offers for me!

Melissa W.